Membership is open to any person who has a relevant advanced academic degree and who is active in the field of Decision Making. A Ph.D. student in any field who has an interest in Decision Making may become a Student Member during his/her study, for a maximum period of four years.

As a TDAS member, you will be an integral part of a recognized Association in Decision making and you will have the opportunity to meet, communicate, and collaborate with your peers within the Tunisian Decision Aid community through conferences, future local section meetings, forums, and more.

If you want to become a member of TDAS, please contact our treasurer:

Tunis Business School, University of Tunis
Mail Drop: PO.Box n°65, Bir El Kassaa 2059, TUNISIA
Tel.: (216) 71.470.570 / 71.476.600 (Extension: 101)
Fax.: (216) 71.477.555

 Annual subscription: 10 Tunisian Dinars