Saturday 25 July 2015 in Route de la Corniche, Mahdia

The meeting agenda was as follows:

  1. Receiving any minutes of the previous Society’s Meeting;
  2. The President’s report on the business of the Society;
  3. Approval of the Treasurer’s report on the finances of the Society, and the Annual Financial statements;
  4. Election of Committee Members;
    President: Fouad Ben Abdelaziz
    General Secretary: Mohamed Limam
    Treasurer: Salah Ben Abdallah
    Members: Olfa Meddeb and Rimeh El Fayedh
  5. Motions to be considered: 2016 TDAS Conferences, Scientific Journal, Sponsored conferences (MOPGP 2015, ICMFII 2016)
  6. Any other business (AOB)